Other Wallabee Resources

ItemBrowser is a nice website with a lot of tools to help you out in WallaBee. It includes the ability to see all of the items in the mixing pool, lists showing the rarest items in WallaBee, a comparison site to find upgrades in the Market, and a cookbook for each set.
A website to help you see your item collection as a whole by showing you your average number and totals for the numbers you have collected so far. You can compare yourself with other players, search for specific items, and use a map tool to see all of the items that are near you.
HoneyBlend is a native iPhone and iPad app with several interesting features. You can view information on every item (including forage locations, recipes, etc), find items that are nearby, search the Market and your friends pouches for items, and an incredibly useful set checklist which will keep a running tally of what items you need.
A native iOS app that finds specific numbered items.
A Twitter account that tweets whenever a new item is released. It will also alert you when a new set is introduced and the various name changes they go through.
A Twitter account, that feeds from the ItemBrowser TrackerBee and shows you all the latest changes to the our items.